The Departure


THE DEPARTURE, oil on linen,  130 x 95 cms

© Fergus A Ryan, 2020


O Usheen, mount by me and ride

To shores by the wash of the tremulous tide

Where men have heaped no burial mounds

And the days pass by like a wayward tune

Where broken faith has never been known

And the blushes of first love never have flown.

From The Wanderings of Usheen (Oisín), by WB Yeats

This painting is part of a series inspired by the romantic poetry of WB Yeats. In each case the scene is entirely imaginary, my own response to reading the poem. Others paintings in the series include 'Heaven's Embroidered Cloths', 'Penny, Brown Penny', 'Cap and Bells', and 'Silver Trout'.

Available for purchase from the artist